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Scorepad for iPad

4.0 ( 2560 ratings )
생산성 게임
개발자: Ventura Educational Systems
0.99 USD

Especially designed just for iPad, Scorepad for iPad is an easy-to-use utility for keeping score in just about any game. It has a variety of useful features that are sure to please if you play cards, board games, golf, dice or any other game that requires keeping score.

Easily keep score in any game that involves adding or subtracting numbers without the need for pencil and paper. Keep score for four players and up to 180 rounds of play.

Key Features:

• Tap to enter score for any round.
• Enter players name at the top of the column.
• Set timer for times from 30 seconds to 10 minutes in 30 second intervals.
• Select a buzzer sound or no sound.
• Tap graph icon to see bar graph comparing scores.
• Perfect for 1 to 4 players.